Poetry Translation

I have the privilege of working closely with the illustrious poet Philippe Beck to translate his poetry from French to English. Philippe is a highly lauded French poet and philosopher.  In 2015 he was knighted into the order of arts and letters (Ordre des Arts et Lettres), and awarded the prestigious Grand Prix de Poésie de l’Académie française for his collective works.

In 2006, an intellectual biogaphy titled “Beck l’Impersonnage” placed him among France’s tradition of “grands intellectuels.” In 2013, the Centre Culturel International de Cerisy hosted a symposium devoted entirely to his work, attended by leading French philosphers such as Alain Badiu, Jean-Luc Nancy, and Jacques Rancière. Essays from the symposium, titled Un Chant Objectif Aujourd’hui are available in a bound collection. I am currently translating Philippe’s book, Poésies didactiques, with an introduction by French Philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy.